Advisory Services

We help companies achieve exceptional outcomes by fundamentally advancing product competency. Discover our advisory services that will propel your product organization towards delivering excellent results

Start up your product

For start-ups with an idea but no operational product management or product organization just yet. Get someone to ramp up your product fast.


  • Market validated product/feature concepts, a defined user journey and prototypes.
  • Transparent business case to execute on.
  • Capacity needs and supplier possibilities identified to execute concepts.


TIMING: 2.5 months

PRICING: starting at CHF 32’200

Scale your product

With your newly built venture you had a great first product idea, MVP or product launch and now need someone to structure your product strategy to scale.


  • Defined growth roadmap and transparent business case to execute on for your product(s).
  • Market validated product concepts, defined user journey and prototypes for new features or product add-ons.
  • Feasibility check and capacity needs identified to execute concepts internally.

TIMING: 3 months


Product diagnostics

An in-depth analysis of where and how to improve your product organization, people, strategy and execution.


  • Detailed report on all various dimensions in your product organization, incl. a discussion round.
  • Strength, weaknesses, opportunities and how you compare to the market.
  • Next steps (low hanging fruit).

TIMING: 3 weeks

PRICING: CHF 8’900 (FREE if you continue with product therapy) 

Product therapy

In regular sessions, we tackle the key identified opportunities for improvement in your product organization, people, strategy and execution.


  • Based on our diagnostics, you select which dimension(s) of your product organization we will work on: Product culture, leadership, talent, org structure, vision, strategy, discovery and/or delivery.
  • Per selected dimension, we lead 4 half-day work sessions with you to fundamentally shift your product org. All preparation work on our side is included.

PRICING: starting at CHF 12’500

(Includes FREE product diagnostics before and after)

Emerge with newly discovered products

For small and mid sized companies that are in transformation of their structures, offers and products for growth and sustainability over the coming years.


  • Product discovery and market research considering your industry and niche.
  • Market validated product concepts and 12-month roadmap advancing your product into the next decade.
  • Transparent business case presented to your board.
  • Capacity needs identified and team structure defined to execute concepts internally.
  • Continuous team coaching, with your flavor of methodologies, that drive outcomes.

TIMING: 5-7 months


Cover ad-interim product needs

Get a hands-on product leader heading a specific area, new product line or a product project for you for a fixed time.


  • Impactful Product Leadership for a fixed amount of time.
  • Strategic plan and ongoing execution in a defined area (e.g., a product line or pivotal release) towards your desired business goals.
  • Implemented growth hacking structures to achieve your outcomes.
  • Continuous growth of abilities of the team, while executing.


TIMING: 6-9 months