Advisory services for highly effective & state-of-the-art product organizations

All customer relationships start and end with your product

Your users aren’t just numbers, they’re real people


Our team consists of experienced product managers, executives and business operators. We have deep experience in building products and teams and work with a carefully curated network of experts from all over the world.

B2B Services

We aim to make your product organization highly effective and state-of-the-art. If you don’t yet have a product team, we help you think through the necessary steps to make your company product- and customer-centric.


We run leading events and programs for product managers, from the annual Product Management Festivals in Zurich and Singapore to our executive programme in collaboration with INSEAD and a variety of local community events.

30+ years of product management experience

Digital technology is now firmly part of the value chain of most industries. As a result, companies are primarily competing on the quality of their products than on traditional competitive advantages such as geographic location, capital or intellectual property.

The winners in this shift are companies that develop their products with the end-user in mind from the very beginning. Product Management is the strategic function that drives this change and Peak Product is one of the premier resources for product managers and product executives in the world.


"Peak Product has elevated our product development to a new level and helped us build a strong team with effective processes."

Samuel, CEO

German Education Services

" Raphael is an excellent coach with a clear focus on impact. His amazing experience, mindset, and skills helped me personally to grow and to increase my impact as a product leader. It's one of the best investment I've done so far, and highly recommended. "

Daniel, CPO

Swiss Online Retailer

"My coaching sessions with Raphael have been one of the best investments of my time"

Emily, PM Lead

"I had a fantastic time in Zürich, thanks to the great job of the organizer, the inspiring speakers and the positive vibes of the fellow product people. I will look forward next years edition, where I will hopefully see familiar faces again."

Hoang, PM


"There have been so many moments of inspiration…. It’s the kind of inspiration where you know it can transform the life of the company, my team, and myself."

Patrick, Group Product Manager 

Dutch Online Travel Platform

"I would recommend it to any other person that is in a leadership position in product management. I reached a stage where learning on the job isn't enough anymore and I needed to boost my learning."

Nina, CPO

Swiss SaaS Company