The Team

Our team consists of experienced product managers, executives and business operators. We have deep experience in building products and teams and work with a carefully curated network of experts from all over the world.


Senior Partner & Executive Coach

Raphael Leiteritz

Raphael is advising management teams and product leaders on how to build product strategies and product orgs. Previous to Peak Product he was an entrepreneur as well as a long-time Google Product executive (Google Maps and Google Shopping), and angel investor.


Adrian Zwingli

Adrian is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur with many years of product and agile leadership background. At Peak Product he serves as Chairperson.

Principal Consultant

Kai Hansen

Kai is responsible for Peak Product’s programs and services and coordinates our network of experts. Prior to Peak Product, he spent 10+ years at Google and was the CEO and Head of Product at a B2B startup.

Global Event Lead

Iulia Porneala

Iulia is the heart and soul of our events such as Product Management Festival, a global conference series organized by Peak Product. She was a product manager in the software industry for 4 years before joining the PMF team.

Growth & Partnerships

Grace Lee Camoglu

Grace is responsible for growth and partnerships (such as the collaboration with INSEAD). She has a background in legal and product management and spent 10+ years of her career in Silicon Valley before joining Peak Product.