The Team

Our team consists of experienced product managers, executives and business operators. We have deep experience in building products and teams and work with a carefully curated network of experts from all over the world.


Senior Partner & Executive Coach

Raphael Leiteritz

Raphael co-founded Peak Product and the Product Management Festival. He is an entrepreneur and angel investor and previously has held various Google Product Executive positions (Google Maps and Google Shopping).

Product Executive

Kai Hansen

Kai is a unique product and business leader, unifying people and networks for outcomes. He has spent over 10 years at Google and was the CEO and Head of Product at a B2B startup before joining Peak Product.


Product Executive

Martina Klose

Martina is an impact driven leader, passionate about data-driven businesses. She has a track record of scaling startups and SMEs in the technology and sustainability sector, and brings more than twenty years of experience in product management, product development and in organizational change.


Product Executive

Pedram Faghfouri

Pedram has an exceptional entrepreneurial understanding and is an Audio and Music Tech enthusiast. He has leading experience in product strategy, brand and organizational transformations and worked in various product leadership and advisory roles across multiple industries at the interface of software and hardware.


VP Product & Operations

Laurène Racine

Laurène pursues value, effectiveness and scale for current as well as aspiring product-led organisations. She led Product in scale-ups in the technology and healthcare industry.


VP Marketing & Communications

Ana García

Ana has had contrasting job and life experiences around the World that have lead her on an interesting and creative journey. She’s helped from startups as Ava Women, to giants as Zara Home (Inditex Group) to reach their marketing goals, managing from small teams to multiple international teams and agencies.


Naemi Benz

Naemi enjoys fixing diverse challenges for teams, companies and individuals. Naemi was CPO and COO of Ava, a global femtech startup and previously has spent several years at IBM, responsible for sales and services for local and international clients as well as shaping internal operations building up IBM’s Global Internet of Things Sales Division. 


Adrian Zwingli

Adrian is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur with many years of product and agile leadership background. At Peak Product he serves as Chairperson.