Advisory Services

We help companies achieve exceptional outcomes by fundamentally advancing product competency. Discover our advisory services that will propel your product organization towards delivering excellent results

Product culture & practices


Peak Product provides expert product expertise for your company. Drawing from our carefully curated network of experts and our experienced employees, we provide the expertise to help with challenging projects as well as building a product culture and mindset in your organization. You can adapt industry best practices immediately.



Our talent service can help you blast through high growth phases or cover for unexpected absences of key team members without having the hassle of rushed recruiting. We also offer interim product leadership options as well as a matchmaking service within our extensive network of product leads. 


Training programs


Peak Product can work with you to design customized training programs that bring your product teams to the next level. We focus on a holistic approach across hard and soft skills and work across the whole organization (product, design, sales, marketing, engineering).


Executive coaching


Peak Product offers individual coaching and mentoring to key product leaders. If you recently took on more responsibility or are struggling with responsibilities and expectations, our experienced product leaders can help you with their practical and theoretical experience.


Building products


We are ready to build world class products with you. We can provide you with PMs that work with your existing organisation (or suppliers) to go on a sprint to build or improve your product.


Interim work


We have product folks at all levels ready to deploy at your organization, from tactical levels (PM to Senior PM) to leadership (SrPM, Group PMs, Directors and VPs). We are in touch with thousands of PMs worldwide.